Post Support Approach
Case Study

Teenage Boy Loading Dishwasher

"G" had autism, learning disabilities, and required 24/7 support, with sleep-in night workers. We knew it was unlikely they’d be able to live fully independently at 18 due to multiple challenges – and the planned outcome was for LCS to prepare him for a semi-supported adult placement.

We worked with Children's Social Care (CSC) and "G" to develop an ongoing plan for support after they left LCS accommodation. We helped him to carry out research and identify a placement with an adult provider that would be able to meet their needs, while continuing the work we’d done with him. Liaising with CSC, they agreed two options, and we supported "G" to visit/meet both so they could make their final decision.

LCS staff were heavily involved in assessments for "G" to move to their adult placement. With "G"’s permission and input we ensured the provider had all the information they needed to ensure a smooth transition, and make their new placement successful.

This included writing reports, giving evidence and detailing information about "G"’s skills/capabilities, and methods we’d found effective in supporting him that would be valuable to continue like:

  • Approaches to overcome/manage their extreme sensory dependence, including:
    • Specific bedding they found comfortable. When joining LCS, "G" wasn’t comfortable in a bed, and would often not sleep at all
    • Clear boxes for clothes storage, as wardrobes disturbed him
  • Their father being Appointee for benefits payments. This prevented "G"’s missing episodes by reducing immediately accessible funds (often long, unplanned train journeys) and strengthened their relationship
  • Detailed chore lists – as "G" required repeated prompts

With "G", we provided bridging step-down support over 6 weeks starting at 20 hours/week and reducing to welfare calls, providing support including:

Before Move

  • Visits to new accommodation – familiarising him with it
  • Meetings with new staff – including inviting to meals and community activities like go-carting and bowling – supporting relationship building
  • Move planning
  • Nice ending/celebrations with LCS to help him to say goodbye and move-on positively on their terms

After Move

  • LCS staff assisted move. Supporting amenities set-up (gas, electric)
  • Spent first night in property with G
  • Unpacking, setting-up new home
  • Shopping for supplies – including planning meals
  • Creating new chore lists/prompts for the new home
  • Exploring their new community, and forging appropriate links within it
  • Advice/support addressing concerns

We also created memory books, reminding "G" of progress/achievements. With our support, they settled into new accommodation and (with CSC’s agreement) regularly provides updates to their former LCS workers.