Unplanned Pregnancies and Educating on Sexual Health and Contraception

History of the Young Person

YF consistently stated that she was not sexually active and it was only until she discovered she was pregnant that she began to talk to professionals, this ultimately led to a pregnancy termination. She had limited information about the father but he is believed to be of the same age. YF was also found naked with a boy in her bed by her mother - he was not the father but was also the same age as YF. YF consistently told professionals that she was not being sexually exploited or groomed, but her behaviour contradicted the information that had been shared with us. She had a significant number of missing episodes and will often return from these episodes with money (up to £140), under the influence of cannabis, and in possession of a bank card in someone else's name. YF had about 8 different mobile phones and had been picked up by different vehicles outside her placement or other locations. She has also provided her placement address over social media, leading to a pizza being delivered to her. In a recent room search, police found a letter in her room with the registration details of an unknown vehicle registered to the placement address.

Moving to LCS

At the start of her placement, a robust risk assessment and placement plan was drafted to mitigate or lessen the risk posed to YF. Targeted work was included regarding the risk associated with being a victim of CSE. Expectations were outlined for her involvement in our semi-independent programme and the sanctions that would be put in place if she didn’t adhere to the rules and expectations were explained.

How we worked

Daily work was conducted in keywork sessions which focused on her sexual health. The initial step was to have a discussion in a comfortable setting where the young person had the opportunity to be open and honest about the possible risks associated with CSE. Once YF started to share, the question was asked if she was sexually active and she stated that she was - the next question was if she was using contraceptives and if so, what was she using. She shared that she was using oral contraceptives so staff then told her about other forms of protection such as injections, condoms and implants. Emphasis was placed on condoms as staff suspected that YF had multi partners, so staff offered to accompany her to the nearest sexual health clinic. Risks associated with having multiple partners were also highlighted, with the contraction of STIs and STDs explained as well as the possibility of unplanned pregnancies. The support worker, in addition to this support, gave YF some sign posting information and offered positive guidance towards seeking help where necessary.

Positive Outcomes

YF now participates positively in her keyworking session and shares information she was reluctant to do in the past. Work is ongoing with the entire staff team providing support and guidance where necessary, which equips YF with the knowledge necessary to make responsible decisions in regards to her sexual health. The Keyworker and Patch Manager attend regular Multi Agency meetings to review her pathway plan and her missing protocol has also been updated so that the Local Authority, Police, and our team can reduce any future risks to YF.


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